little walking dude

I’m studying for the Wisconsin bar full time now (about 60 hours/week). Exam at the end of July. So, not a lot of wanderblue action.

However, to retain my sanity I have started a tumblr, where you can find stuff like the above.

I drew Eliza, a friend from Melbourne Law School. Click for full size.
click for full size

I drew my mom for her 60th (today!). She is infinitely more beautiful than this.
(click for full size).

Here’s the image I referenced:

I went to the printers and it turns out it’s actually rather affordable to print stuff!  Like this fantastic little thing I spent so long making:

Clicking this shows you an image but half the size of the original.  If you were keen for a signed print, I can do this for you at the following $US rates (not including shipping):

A3 for $8
A2 for $21
A1 for $40

( for inch conversions)

Contact me for details!  (Or if you have a burning desire for the full size but don’t want a print, I will probably just email you the file.)

What’s that? Wish the Champs de moutarde movie didn’t have all those annoying characters and pesky words, so you could just gaze upon the backdrops? Never fear! By very kind request, I have here some of the scenery images. Click for full size (unfortunately not very large).

Or did you want to listen to that great piano playing I did without the rude fade-outs and silly accompanying visual distractions? Go here.

(Also a .gif file with that slight breeze)

Get involved. The movie Champs de moutarde will indeed be shown later.  Want to help make it?  Submit panels of 800×600 (or on that scale) and I will use at least the best three in the movie, and link to your site!  To submit: post a link here in the comments to your uploaded image, or contact me, or post on the discussion forum. You can submit as many as you’d like.

What sort of panel? It can be whatever you want! I reserve the right to use more than three, in fact.  If you would like dialogue, please include it separately, as I’ll be making dialogue in French and putting subtitles on the bottom.

There will be at least one update between then and now so this is open for the next THREE DAYS until the second trailer goes up, roughly on the 27th.  YAY and GOOD LUCK!

I did this about twice as quickly (and as roughly) as normal, but I think it’s still passable.  (The original photo is way awesomer.)  Click for full size.

Do you have curly hair? I’d love to draw you if you think you could send me 3 good shots all with your hair well lit.  I could really use the practice!  (I’ll send you a super-large original version of the image too!)  Contact me.