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Champs de moutarde movie
The Archduke Ferdinand himself made a Mustard Fields film in the style he uses for his fantastic MSPA Forum Adventure. (Original fan art post with full-size images here.)

The field is today very splendid, Miro. I feel it is reflected on the beauty of the world’s heart. When I consider these stems of vagueness, I never see in them the ways of shift of humanity divergent, always increasing, but another share falling to rise only still.
It is true, Miri. For the light which shines us on this world like a coat of the blows brilliant ambers all in so much one, like various banks of this field. As nice as the day can ever be, is one day out of the innumerable hundreds. Our lives are such the same ones.

And it seems that these waves are by more disturbed person. Hello, Blue Girl. What brings you to this solemn place?
I came here to look at the pretty flowers!
What. This wasn’t philosophical of the whole. You just. Ugh. You completely killed our flow. This is the third time today. Kill just the projectile, girl of cash clerk, this is thus lame
I will never forget what my friends and the field taught me to date.

La Baguette horror trailer
By Wheeeeeeatthins:

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