wb high 5: meet Danielle and Mike

This isn’t why I got into meditation per se, but it’s otherwise completely autobiographical.  Weird, huh?!  Here is the exact spot where the man approached me.  I have so many other freaky examples, too!

Anyway, woo for party scene happening eventually! If you have any plot ideas or desires, it is possible to sway me.  Voice things in the comments for any strip or use the discussion forum.

EDIT: omg nedroid also JUST TODAY/YESTERDAY did a comic on getting wishes granted!  Hahaha weird!

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  1. Awesome comic <3

    Hrm, with a power like that… Probably one of my wishes would be to make the world a better, more joyful place. <3

    That doesn't seem likely to go too wrong, haha!

    • I have now made such a wish! You’re right, sounds pretty harmless!