passing notes 9: the movie

Click to watch the movie

Check out the FAN ART.

These people generously gave me the following images to use (click for full size original):
by RPG-Freak

by MyifanW

by Senik

by Ed Ramos

all by EndWggn

by some guy who is not Pedro Salinas

by Takorii

Here is the big old flickr credits page. Also, there was a request for some of the scenery shots in native size. How flattering! Here they be.

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  1. THAT WAS SO AWESOME. I loved how you animated mine, excellent work.
    You know, I only realized recently that you can’t exactly tell in the last panel whether the guy is squirting mustard or just peeing.

    • The thought of urnie never crossed my mind, actually! Probably because when you gave me the images it was in a different order, to make it obviously mustard. Probably either interpretation is correct, haha!

  2. Michelle, I’m halfway to speechless. That was rather epic. And French – so more epic. Loved the Sarabande :) Quite surprised to find Paris and the tropics so desperately squalid =D Color me impressed, or mustard.
    You’re amazing. You’ll have to do some music for my ridiculous films, but I wish you could become a string quartet… that’s what I really want… a really good one that doesn’t charge me… surely you can do that!

    • Thanks!! =D I’m impressed you recognised the Sarabande. I love Paris, actually, but thought a more gritty view would be refreshing. Those ghetto images are all from France, too, so that’s the real deal!

      (My keyboard can pretend to be strings, so if you don’t mind that it’s a crappy pretend quartet I could give something a shot for you.)

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