[s] passing notes 8

Click the image to watch the third and final trailer before THE MOVIE ITSELF:

Michi, that La Baguette poster was fantastic! You couldn’t have made it yourself.

You’re right, I didn’t! It was made by the incredibly fabulous Leo, who is about to wow us with his up-and-coming new site, doublepuma.com.

It’ll probably take me about a week to make the movie. I was going to look for a job, but that can wait one week, right?

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  1. oui!

  2. Holy hell that was epic!

  3. ‘Hello, Police? I wish to report I have been menaced by a beret wielding multiple french sticks. Why are you laughing? Wai–‘
    CLICK. Dial toooooooooooooone

  4. French arthouse films at their best.

  5. WOAH. That was actually pretty scary, but really awesome nonetheless!
    Really impressed with these flash updates!

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