wb4: the backyard tree!

I had problems witn .png image files before, so if the comic doesn’t load, please let me know! The .gif was just so blotchy by comparison.

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  1. Man, my backyard tree is woefully unclimbable. I love it anyway, but it is deficient in that respect.

  2. …Now I want a treehouse, retroactively delivered to my ten year old self.

  3. Nice tree! I’d want to climb even the pessimistic version of it.

    I got to see a preview of this room on the train, didn’t I?

    • You certainly did! You have coveted INSIDER INFO, due to your high levels of AWESOMENESS.

      • awww man, what a privileged dude

        • Telamon should I ever have the extreme pleasure of a leisurely train ride in your company, I would share with you secret INSIDER INFO as well, I guarantee you.

          • That would certainly be a most welcome development. Time to confabulate a series of unlikely events to ensure that it happens!

  4. Solution: tire swing
    Just sling a rope around some tree, tie a tire to it and YOU ARE A KID AGAIN HOORAY

    • TOP SECRET: the tree was supposed to have a swing but I forgot until too late. TREE SWINGS ARE THE BEST!

  5. the tree is evil. the first tree is the second tree’s glamour, designed to lure in the young-at-heart, and then eat their hearts.

    • Thus it stays young, coming full circle? Hahaha maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe.